Dr. Shnitzel wacky science

Science shows for kids and adults

Throw a Science Party for Kids & Adults Alike in New Jersey


If you need wholesome children’s entertainment in New Jersey, choose Dr. Schnitzel’s Wacky Science. You will be gifted with a fun science party that caters to all ages. 

Wacky Science for All Occasions

 Whether you’re hosting a child’s birthday party, a school event, an educational camp, or a family reunion, Dr. Schnitzel’s Wacky Science can tailor a fun, children-friendly performance to your needs. Each show runs for approximately an hour and is filled with astounding real science experiments presented by the lovable and eccentric Dr. Schnitzel. 

Armed with his green wig, science coat, and a variety of equipment, Dr. Schnitzel brings science to life and encourages audience participation for hands-on fun for all ages. Prepare to laugh as the good doctor works his way through simple experiments and pulls volunteers into his shenanigans. 

Performances for All Audiences

Each show has something for everyone to enjoy, whether you are ready to volunteer for one of Dr. Schnitzel’s demonstrations or just prefer to watch and be thrilled. 

Dr. Schnitzel’s performances can also be enjoyed in any size of venue, from school auditoriums to private homes. Whether you want to have an educational science party for kids or entertain an entire student body (including teachers!), Dr. Schnitzel can deliver. 

Visit the Dr. Schnitzel’s Wacky Science contact page to book your event, or call (201) 546-6049 with any questions you may have.