Dr. Shnitzel wacky science

Science shows for kids and adults

About the show

Dr. Shnitzel's science shows are filled with excitement, laughter, and edge of your seat entertainment.

The show caters to all audiences, children and adults alike.  Guaranteed fun for all.

  • Birthday parties 
  • Special school days
  • Summer camps
  • Shul holiday events
  • Teen entertainment
  • Senior citizens 
  • Corporate and family parties

Shows run approximately 55 minutes to an hour and can be custom tailored to match your needs.



Reserve Dr. Shnitzel’s Wacky Science to host an enjoyable science party at your event. This event is guaranteed to be memorable and suitable entertainment for all ages! 

Bring a Little Wacky Science to Your Special Occasion

Dr. Shnitzel’s Wacky Science specializes in wholesome entertainment for children, but there is plenty in each performance for adults to enjoy as well. Whether you want to secure unique entertainment for a family event, host a children’s birthday party, hold a special school assembly, or entertain a corporate gathering, Dr. Shnitzel can accommodate you. 

Prepare to be amazed as the eccentric Dr. Shnitzel, dressed in his lab coat and mad-scientist green wig, performs real science experiments before your eyes. Laugh as volunteers are called on to participate in demonstrations, and are inevitably pulled into Dr. Shnitzel’s hilarious antics.

Have Your Event Stand Out With Unique Entertainment

Whether or not you’re a science guru, every show has something for all to enjoy and participate in. So whether you plan to have a small science party for kids, hold a large school assembly, or host a large convention, you can kick back, relax, and be rest assured that people will find your event unique and memorable.